LEL-2022 Plan and Tracking

LEL-2022 Plan and Tracking

LEL-2022 Plan and Tracking

On Sunday, August 7, 2022, at about 10:00 I will start another big cycling adventure for this year: the London-Edinburgh-London LRM Brevet – 1.500 kilometers through the most beautiful parts of England and Scotland.

London Edinburgh London is a 1500km self-supported cycle ride across the United Kingdom, between the iconic capital cities of England and Scotland. It is not a race, but there are only 125 hours to make my way around to Edinburgh and back to London.

Along the route there are 13 control points for the 20 stages out and back.
This is another test of my mental and physical resilience. If things go wrong, it is up to me to use my skills and experience to put them right. If I’m tired, or cold, or hungry, no one will rescue me! But when I make it to the next control, I’m guaranteed the total support and attention of the LEL Volunteers.

I have a rough plan laid out. However, it certainly means a lot of improvision and adjustment of the plan, because of many partly unknown factors – for example, weather conditions …
However, with the help of Vespa & OFM and the great advice from Peter, there are no question marks in the area of nutrition and energy provision for my body. Also I am convinced that I will have for a very long time „good legs“ and during the short sleep breaks a fast recovery by Vespa. This will work just as well as with the past Brevets.

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I’m currently not 100% fit and will not do „race“! I just take it as a long helpful training to get back to my shape and increase energy again! Goal is to be back in London within 4,5 – 5 days.

I will update the following schedule during the event so that you can track what I will have achieved …

Update 12th Aug. 2022: I was able to keep to my plan quit well and completed the 1,550km and 14,500 meters of altitude in the total time of 122 hours. Thanks to everyone who was cheering for me and keeping their fingers crossed!

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